Men’s Jewellery

men's jewellery

This is the first shoot that I’ve styled where the clothing wasn’t the focus. Shocking right? Although I had a theme of loose lines and a dark colour palette, the focus of this shoot was men’s jewellery. Maybe it’s because I’ve been focusing on it at work, or maybe it’s because my own love for wearing accessories has grown, but recently I’ve been obsessed with men wearing jewellery. It was only right that I created a concept for it.

men's-jewellery 4

Men wearing jewellery (and lots of it) is deemed more acceptable now. You only have to look at the men’s jewellery on offer on the high street to see that there’s clearly a demand for accessories. Jewellery has the ability to complete an outfit, and as you can see here, it gives minimalist styling a pretty cool touch.

men's jewellery

I’ve always been a fan of gold accessories against darker skin tones, but silver jewellery is on the come up. I love seeing silver accessories paired with the colour navy but even against the grey shades within this shoot, the silver pieces still stand out.

men's jewellery

Like I stated before, the focus of this shoot was men’s jewellery and because of this, I kept the clothing simple. The style here is definitely something different for me – the kimono style cut and the distressed detail all point towards a casual vibe and I’m planning on playing around with this further. But, my love for tailoring is still super strong so expect to see a suit post using the same gorgeous model and the same brand very soon. Keep your eyes peeled!

What do you think of the jewellery used in this shoot? Although the brand’s jewellery caters to women, many of the pieces are unisex and can still be worn well on men. Let me know what you think in the comments!

Jewellery: Fiyah Jewellery

Model: Sean McNeshie

Photography: Charlotte Royle


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