LinkedIn Love

Instagram? Forget your likes. LinkedIn’s my guilty pleasure now.  It’s almost like a drug where I get my euphoric kick. Ooh new job? Congratulate me please, tell me how much I deserve it. Endorse my skills, go on! Make me look professional and I’ll return the favour. Is David good with numbers? Sure, as long as he ticks my social media box.



Have I ever scored a job from it? Nope! Not even an interview but there’s something so gratifying about making my professional image look so damn good.

While some girls my age are going crazy with face tune and filters, I’m prettying up my professional image. LinkedIn is my new bae. There’s a certain thrill about seeing who’s peeked at my profile, even more so if it’s an anonymous viewer. Is it the CEO of the company that I’ve been dying to work for? Is it a recruiter that’s spent all afternoon trying to headhunt me? Probably not but that thrill is still so satisfying.

If you don’t have a LinkedIn page… Why the hell not? You need to put yourself out there for all of these potential employers. This is a social media channel with class. No duck faced selfies allowed here and your updates can’t include a Sunday hangover post. Nuh uh, it’s all about the announcement of a promotion or a share of the killer feature you just wrote.

Of course, like any social media channel you can make the bad look oh so good. Been let go from a position? Cue the status ‘happy to announce that I’m ready to embark on a freelancing career’. Oh yeah, you need to shine that shit up, it’s the only way.


Hot tip. Get all of your friends to endorse the hell out of you. Even better, ask them to write a reference about you and watch your profile rise up like a boss.

What’s your views on LinkedIn – yay or nay? Let me know in the comments!

Illustrations: Stacey Abidi


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