Top Ten Hairstyles of 2014

Lets face it, the right hairstyle can really elevate a look. It can be the perfect finish to an outfit and if done right, it can beautifully frame your face too. Just like clothing, each season brings a new trend for hairstyles and I’ve found the top ten of 2014.

For the ladies brave enough to go short, (and I mean really short) pixie cuts are fab. The closely cropped style emits a sense of sophistication, but you can switch it up by playing with colour and texture. Heart shaped faces with delicate features can pull off extremely short styles whilst a little added length and width will suit longer faces. A side swept fringe is the perfect way to balance out stronger features.

Emma Watson

If a pixie cut is a little too short for you then get creative with a bob. This mid length style can be tailored to suit any face shape. Jourdan Dunn works her bob by alternating between a tousled curl and a straight finish. Plus the two toned shade adds another dimension and flatters her skin tone. Wavy bobs are in right now!

Jourdan Dunn

It isn’t all about the short styles though. For those with long hair,  look to Valentino’s AW14 runway hair style – the multi band ponytail. Thin bands are secured around a ponytail every few inches giving a simple hairstyle some depth, and it’s super easy to do too.

Valentino Multi Band

Another simple style for medium to long hair types is a severe side part. This style looks incredibly glam with long volumnous curls but to emulate the side part that has been a hit on the runway, keep hair super straight.

Side Part

2014 has seen a rainbow of colour burst onto the scene regarding hair trends. Earlier in the year, bright and unusual colours took centre stage. Creativity with colour was, and still is, a big trend in 2014. As of late, colour comes in the form of bright strips in shades such as blues, pinks and purples, but a full head of coloured tresses was still big for 2014.

nqobile green hair

Remember when Kylie Jenner dyed some of her hair green? Yep, that’s the boldness that took hair styling by storm. With her brightly dyed ends, Kylie Jenner worked two huge trends for 2014. Dip dyed or ombre hair (where the hair is darker at the roots and gradually fades to a lighter hue down the length of the hair is) such a popular style. It can be done subtley or you can go for a more dramatic look.

Kylie Jenner

Whilst colourful hair will always be on trend, the final months of 2014 is seeing muted styles creep their way in. Muted shades allows you to stay on trend without having to go for hair that is too vibrant. Autumn’s hottest hair trends are light greys and honey colours so mixing either of these two shades with a slight pastel hue will give you the perfect barely there look. Check out how Marc Jacobs styled the muted trend below.

Marc Jacobs

Cornrows are another hair style that has burst onto the scene as a new trend, but unbeknowst to some, the style has been around for a very long time! Cornrows have been a staple style within the African and Caribbean society for years, but it is in 2014 that it has taken the celebrity culture by storm. You can go all out with a full head of cornrows or keep it simple with just a section plaited whilst leaving the rest of your hair down.

Chanel Iman

Plaits are also popular this year with particular attention on braided hair extensions. These styles can totally transform your hair and give you the chance to try something completely different. Faux dreadlocks and twists in a variety of colours are incredibly popular, and if applied and maintained properly, can promote hair growth too.


I’ve saved my favourite hair style of 2014 until the end because it’s so worth the wait. A twist out is a gorgeous curly style that is easily achieved on all hair lengths without the need for harmful heated appliances. A twist out is probably near enough impossible to try on fine hair but is the perfect style for afro hair types. Simply part your hair into small sections and then separate into two strands, apply an oil or a curling cream and then twist each section of hair around each other. Leave them in overnight (or longer if you’d like a more defined curl) and in the morning carefully take out the twists. Voila! You have a twist out.

Corrine Bailey Rae

Originally written for Maniere Magazine


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